You can Take my Eggo, but let me keep part of my Ego

These days I hear so much about the ego being a dirty three letter word. I am not sure if I fully agree with that. Now, do not confuse what I am saying here today. I am not I am standing up for all the egomaniacs in this world.

What I have found in the past that the ego has some uses on an instinctual level and as a motivator. Has someone ever told you that the reason they finished a task is because of some ego driven reason? And perhaps that task was something incredibly significant and helped mankind?  I am just saying. It could happen.

It is consistently being led by an over active ego and over inflated self worth that will be your down fall, so do not fall for it!

Having a small amount of ego is in my opinion not going to be the end of the world. The world already ended on 12/21/12 so I think we are safe. I think that there are times when a little ego is not a bad thing if we can still manage to find the humility within ourselves. That, in my opinion, is when the true magic begins.

If you are saying to yourself, well look at this chick spewing at me. She doesn't know..Oh yeah, babe, I have been there, done that, bought the book and marketed it. There was a time that all anyone would have to do is to tell me was that a particular task was impossible and I would be there doing it. That is how I obtained my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at 19 years of age. What do you think made that happen?  It was my ego that drove me to accomplish the task when someone said it was impossible for me to accomplish it, just to prove them wrong.  And how long can I continue to use that one accomplishment that happened 100 years ago to pump myself up? Let's just say that it and 2 bucks will get me on the NY subway. So get over yourself.  I have spent years trying to get over myself and I am getting closer each and every day.  Just do me a favor and do not tell me that something is impossible. That seems to get me every time.

I try to take time each day or several times a day and catch myself when I see my ego inflating-machine at work again to check that there is an even bigger dose of humility in the mix to balance it out. Try it and not only will you feel better, so will everyone around you that has to be in your presence.

Have a day filled with Love!

LeeZa Donatella


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