Feel Energized in Less than 2 Minutes

How would you like to wake and get going and feel great in less than 2 minutes?
For those who know me personally I am one of “those” people who wakes, eyes wide open, and jumps out of bed with my mind working. I am usually singing. I think they call that being a morning person. My sister used to call me “Leap-E” because I would leap out of bed and be ready to go. Some of you can relate, but I and guessing the majority of the rest of you are the type that it takes an hour or so to start moving in the morning.  I would receive strange looks from the people I have roomed with over the years who took an hour or more to get going. An old roommate Eileen, as I said “Good Morning” in a sing song voice, looked at me as if I was weird and barked back “What's so good about it?”

You can charge yourself and change that sluggish feeling with an easy technique if you want to feel FANTASTIC in less than 2 minutes. And no, I am not going to make you do jumping jacks.

Back by popular demand is my segment on how to wake up the energy in your body

Wake Up your Body
There is an exercise I use to wake up the energy in my body. Many a skeptic has been turned in the less than 2 minutes it takes to perform this little exercise. If you want to get the full effect you do need to go outside barefoot. Be being barefoot you are connecting with the energies in the earth, but if you are inside you can still do this and benefit. So let’s assume you are outside and have taken your shoes and socks off.  Ideally it would be on a grassy or dirt surface, but if a wood or concrete surface is all that you have available, then don’t fret about it.

Stand up, with your feet about 2 feet apart. Cup your right hand. You will be using this cupped hand to make contact and release like a firm patting motion but not quite a slapping motion as you work the left side of your body.  

Starting at the top of your left shoulder, pat, pat, pat as you make your way down the top of your left arm to the top of your left hand. Pat your way now from the bottom of your left hand back up to your left armpit.  Now switch hands and using your left cupped hand, go to your right shoulder and pat, pat, pat as you make your way down the top of your right arm to the top of your right hand. Pat your way now from the bottom of your right hand back up to the right armpit.

Taking both cupped hands now start patting both sides of your body, down from your armpits to your hips. Go from your hips toward your lower back.  Bend over and start patting the outside of your legs from the thigh to your calves and down to your ankles. Now firmly pat the bottom of your feet one at a time. Pat your way from the inside of your ankles up the inside of your calves to your inner thighs until you reach the top of your inner thighs.

Continue this patting motion up from the top of the inner thigh to your pelvis, stomach and breast area. Finish with the front and back of your neck, sides of your face, back and top of your head.

Now put your hands at their sides and shake them out. I am sure that if you have followed this quick routine you are wide awake and energized. You may even feel tingling in parts of your body, perhaps parts you never knew could tingle. This is normal.

Well hi there and good morning! Tell me how wonderful that feels!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella

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