Sometimes to need to Listen to Live Music to get out of a funk

Some days it is tough to leave the sheets, as old movies seem more inviting than the bite of winter coldness. Yesterday was one of those days for me as it was raining on and off and the temperature was near freezing. By 5 pm,  it was almost completely dark and I decided that it was time to get my ass out of bed and do, well something.

I had heard that there was music starting at the Oak Creek Brewery off Yavapai, and reluctantly I forced myself into the shower and got dressed.   The temperature was just at freezing as the wet snow sprinkled down on me as I smiled knowing that it would not do harm to my naturally curly hair that I did not try to straighten tonight.  As I walked into this back street establishment, I paused. This was certainly not like most places in Sedona that are all shiny and filled with tourists. No, it had a “capraesque” quality, dimly lit, sparsely decorated, with stainless beer vats lining the back wall. It took me back to one of my youth time haunts in the small suburban LI town. Nice, is all I could say as I pursued the room to see the faces of real people, a smattering of old time and newer Sedona locals. I ordered a pale ale, which by the way was incredibly good, not too cold, a little bite, but overall smooth and delicious.
What made the time out more memorable were the performers. 
Karl Jones played most sets. This Irish lad certainly has range. His ability to play Irish ditties in full brogue transports one right to Dublin, or counties Cork or Mayo. His rock songs are infused with his roots that enhance the marinade in his music whose taste is sweet.  His voice is melodic, talented hands and fingering style played the instrument like a woman, being gentle yet firm, caressing all of her.  A truly magical voice and experience that transported me out of the funk I was in earlier in the day.
Then just when I thought that there could be no more magic in the room, there appeared an angel named Tierza Jacobs who readied for a set.  As she took the stage, confident, sweet, with long flowing golden hair, I anticipated hearing a soft delicate flower. My expectation was shattered as this beautiful soft gal belted out ballads on her vintage Ibanez-like guitar. I closed my eyes and listened to her voice, with tones of Joplin, Holiday and Simone that were both soul piercing, familiar and comforting. She brought me home.
It was so very much appreciated by this patron to partake in the experience. If you ever have the chance to listen to one of these artists I would love to know your thoughts as well.
Have a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella

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