A Song can Activate Your Consciousness

Singing can create an activation within us whether we are listening to someone else sing or making it by our own vocalizations.  I have two personal experiences to share with you today around singing in the hopes that they may resonate with you.
In 1993 I was a young technology executive in Washington, DC.  While in DC I attended evening Opera appreciation classes at the Corcoran Gallery through the 1869 Society.  In the class they explained theory coupled with listening to snippets of operas.   One evening, they played for us an aria by Maria Callas, a great performer from the 1950s. As I sat there listening to what I can only describe as the most beautiful soprano voice I had ever heard, I sighed and started to feel a tingling in my left arm. Oh my God, I thought, I’m thirty and having a heart attack! But the tingling was not accompanied by any pain. It spread and moved to my right arm, then through my legs and throughout my body. It subsided a few minutes later. I went to bed that evening but something was different. As I looked down at my hands I could see what I can only describe as a glow with cilia type sparks between and around my fingers. I had my first glimpses of what energy looks like. An interesting experience based on listening to someone singing that touched me.  

Around 2003 I had the opportunity to spend a month volunteering at the soup kitchen in Abadi├ónia, Brazil for a healer named John of God. While I was there I was given permission to visit the Sacred Waterfall, called the "Cachoeira" alone. This Sacred Waterfall is in a small secluded place about the size of a large bedroom covered on all sides by jungle. As I disrobed to enter the waterfall, I saw this very different butterfly sitting on the rope handrail, with a black body and one horizontal neon-orange line and one horizontal neon lime-green line painted on its back. I smiled as I disrobed in front of my little admirer and sang a made up song of thanks for permission to be in this place. I was smiling in my heart as I splashed myself in the frigid water. As I had finished my visit, I noticed my little insect friend still sitting on the rope handrail. I sang to the butterfly as I dressed. It took a split second to look down to slip my feet into my flip flops and look back up. In that time I stood there frozen to a scene of about 100 pairs of these butterflies fluttering about this enclosed space. They were everywhere, but how? I gulped in awe, motionless and for the first time, for those who know me, speechless.Did my song alter my perception and tell me of the beginnings of a huge transfirmation? Did I get a gift from some spiritual connection?

What I learned is that listening to a voice that resonates with you, singing or creating your own song whether your singing is formed words or is just the “ah” of creation opens up the heart, the doorway to the soul and fills it with joy. This resonation of sound and harmonies activates “something” within us. I am sure if you ask 100 spiritualists you will get 100 names for it. I do not care about the name. All I know is that is brings us into a harmonic alignment with our true selves our connection to the God source or what Michael Mirdad calls the Christ Consciousness.    
Having my undergraduate degree in mathematics I used math to understand the numerical interpretation of harmonies.   But honestly I was getting too deep in the science.  Just know that singing can make anyone’s life better if they just sing from their heart. Try it sometime and see if it does not immediately uplift the way you feel.

Add song into your waking activity and your day will be grand!

Wishing you a day filled with Love,

LeeZa Donatella
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