2013 New Year Intentions

Good morning.

It has been our habit that we write resolutions for each new year, like I will quit smoking and I will exercise more. 

As we approach 2013 I want you to start thinking about your intentions for 2013 and not resolutions.   It is the bigger picture that we need to think about.  This coming year your intentions are more important than ever when it comes to your spiritual growth.

So, as in the example above, if your resolutions are to quit smoking and exercise more I am assuming that your intention is to be healthier.    For 2013 if we focus our intentions are connecting more closely with the essence that is within us, called by many names, like the Christ Consciousness, God energy, Enlightenment we will connect with our true selves which is pure Love.

So focus your intent on becoming more aware of the Loving being that is within you. If you do then everything that you desire, like a healthier lifestyle, loving relationships, and prosperity will naturally follow. 

Have a great day filled with Love.

LeeZa Donatella


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