The shift to the NOW Age 12/22/2012, 2013 and beyond

Good morning. Well 12/21/2013 has come and gone and the message is clear for some of us that the world has ended as we know it and the shift to spiritual conscious beings is in full swing. I was fortunate to attend the Sedona 2012 Festival: Shifting into the "NOW" Age,” where 500 of us joined together with ONE focused intent: “Raising the consciousness of ourselves and our planet to the highest possible level of personal and spiritual awareness.”

I have to tell you that it was a great group of people who flew in from locations all over the world and locals in Sedona. We meditated, got messages and channeled in the LOVE energy as we listened to great speakers like Patricia Cota-Robles, Michael Mirdad, Fran Grace and Elsa and Carey Stokes.

The LOVE energy in the room was incredible and filled with healing and centering.

I will have more posts on what is happening in 2013 and exercises to help the people of the planet shift. I just ask you all to spend a dollar to get a tablet and take a few moments each day to jot down your thoughts on what you are feeling. Re-evaluate your priorities so they align with Love in your daily thoughts and activities.

And of course miraculous things happen that when you have such a great amount of what I can only describe as “delicious” energy in one place. For me, of course it amplified my own ability for manifesting the little creature comforts of life. For example, I got there late on Saturday and the place was packed. I slipped into the hall during an exercise by Aeoliah where participants where learning how to do interpretive dance. As I walked up the isle I scanned the rows for an empty seat only to spy that all the seats had personal belongings on or under them indicating that they were taken. I finally stopped when I had made way up to the second row and just flopped onto the end chair, even though there was a bag with someone’s personal belongings underneath it. I just wanted a few moments of silence to perform a quick meditative cleanse. About 10 minutes later the gal who was sitting there came back to get her bag. "I am not trying to steal your seat," I explained, “I just wanted to do a little cleansing.” She smiled and said, "That's OK, I am a volunteer and have to get back to my post. The seat is yours. Sorry to have disturbed you.” She was apologizing to me?  Wow! With that she left and I was treated to one of the best seats in the house for the rest of the day! Let the shift begin I thought to myself!

If you know me you know that when something good comes to me I am grateful and reciprocate So, I worked on a gal in the audience who was having an issue with her leg.

Side Note: No day would be complete if I could not get a laugh from something. And there seems to always be plenty of opportunities to laugh when Michael Mirdad is in the house. Can you say mirror comic twin? Audiences are filled with laughter with his light and humorous style of presenting. But this was a private chuckle as I went up to him right before he went on stage to see if he needed something. I was thinking he may want some water perhaps since I saw none on stage and I know he would be up there for over an hour.  “A foot massage and manicure would be nice,” he responded. Boy, what a wisenheimer!    

Have a blessed and loving rest of your day!

LeeZa Donatella
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Links of items I enjoy, that you may find useful 
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