Thanks for the Slide Officer

Good morning.

I wanted to give to you a practical example of what happens to you when you try to keep your vibration in the higher fields like love, peace and joy.   Last night I was on my way to an "End of the world party" at some artists friends home in the Village of Oak Creek.

I was detained due to prior commitments and was running very late.  I also did not have good directions and the GPS was not helping me much and sent me uptown, then downtown. Needless to say, although I took it in stride, I was a bit hurried to get there and was speeding. I was on a back road and saw him. the police officer right in front of me. Before he had a chance to pull me off I pulled up to him and we were facing each other. He proceeded to move his vehicle behind me and put his lights on. I knew I was getting a ticket, but got out of the car and told him that I was lost.

He first response was, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going on this road?"

I replied that I honestly had no idea of my speed. "You know I was going to write you a ticket, he exclaimed, as he proceeded to ask for the street I was looking for so he could look it up on his GPS. Then something miraculous. He asked if I would like him to escort me to the street, since it was dark and it was not easy to find.  

So instead of a ticket I got a personal escort.   When I was on the correct street he pulled over and I opened my window and said thank you. He mentioned that he was still bewildered by the fact that he had not given me a ticket.   

So Michael, if you end of reading this at some point, thank you for your generosity on 12/21/2012 with not writing me up and the personal escort.

Love and Light,
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