December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) - We are Still Here!

Good morning:

For those of you who have been following 12/21/2012, are were waiting for the end if the world, well  I was still here and so are you! The big time to look for was 11:11UT 12/21/2012 which was at 4:11 AM here in Sedona which came and past while I slept.
So what does this say? If you are thinking that there were lots of doomsday theorists, you are correct and win the prize. They were just theories by people who are still stuck in the notion that if there is change it has to be catastrophic.

However, there is a change happening, but it has nothing to do with doomsday. It does however have to do with spiritual awakening. You will see the shift is more apparent in the coming months that follow. You will see changes in the way that people react to each other, emphasis on work, on play and on family as we move more toward a society of Love.

If you do not get on the bandwagon don't worry, you will not be left behind. The universe will grab you by the hand and pull you forward dragging and kicking. When I say this I mean it symbolically. A practical example is paddling a canoe in a moving river. When you paddle with the flow of the water you glide downstream. When you go against the current, you have to expend a lot more effort to go a small way, become fatigued. I think it is easier to just go with the flow, don't you? 

Have a blessed rest of you day filled with Love and new beginnings!



  1. My little dog Rosie .....has shared our bed for the past 10 years and always sleeps at the side of me ,on the edge at the bottom .....she's nearly 13 and is getting old and blind and we worry that she may fall off.....constantly checking on her all night...afraid to stretch out incase i kick her off.

    last night for the first time ever she slept between us ....and stayed there till we got up .

    maybe there is now an understanding between us ....a new link between animals and humans .


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