December 20, 2012, preparing for December 21, 2012 in Sedona, AZ

It is December 20, 2012. As the doomsday preppers are preparing for December 21, 2012, I sit here in Sedona, AZ in silent meditation, smiling. Yes, I know that something will happen tomorrow. I am however unlike Peter Gersten, retired lawyer who is preparing for his "Leap of Faith" as he readies to climb up Bell Rock in Sedona to jump into the "portal" that will open at exactly 11:11 UT on December 21, 2012. From what I hear that will occur around 4:11 am tomorrow. For Peter's sake I do hope there is a portal so he does not plunge to his death.

 I think that tomorrow will bring an incredible sunny day filled with new possibilities. No natural catastrophes but the cumulating of a year of transformation that ushers us into a new age. An age where there is more balance, where people are waking up. I speak about waking up for in 2013 you will see the shift of people to a more balanced and happy society. One that is filled with more love and less materialism. The light bulb is about to shine for more people as the masses become more aware.
I welcome the change and am thrilled to be part of it in this sacred space.

Blessings to you all,



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