A Note from Sedona

I have not blogged in a while as I am in the process of completing my first book, a spiritual guide for the Journey to God. As I sit atop the mountains of the Red Rock region in Sedona it is being channeled to me from my guides in the angelic and star realm. I have recently have had several channels come up to me and basically slap me in the back of my head asking me to get my head out of my butt and get going with this.

Of course when one of the channel’s mentioned Wayne Dyer, you know I paid attention. Although I amnot a big follower of the man but have an indirect connectiuon with his x-wife Marcelene, using his name certainly got my attention. They told me that I would be as popular as Wayne, which was funny, since I always thought that I would be interviewed on Oprah.

Then, less than a week later another channel told me I would be writing many books and the interviews would begin on the radio.

My purpose is to help teach and heal the masses.

As you read this I am sending you all the healing energy and asking spirit to increase your vibration.

I look forward to a time in the near future where we may meet and learn and share.

All my love,
Leeza Donatella


  1. Isn't it amazing that when we open our hearts up to receive we meet some of the most incredible people. People who make us smile, make us laugh, make us think? People who are similar to ourselves or who are different, it really doesn't matter, it is the "Openness" that matters. Who knew a coffee shop conversation would lead to all the places that it did. Loved chatting with you and wish you abundance with your book...Deanna


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