God Has Your Back

We try our best to assist those in need; family, friend and stranger alike when people in our sphere go through a difficult time. 

Depending on the situation of those we assist, things can get out of control as we get sucked into one or more of the interested parties drama. This chaos can be exponentially amplified depending on their stress level of the life crisis.  I have first hand experience running from helping one person to another and in doing so, getting sucked in their overwhelming drama.

I have also been smeared with corrupt intent by those whom I have assisted and have dealt with various levels of gaslighting narcissists who have taken advantage of my kindness and generosity. 

There are times when you have to step away from a situation, person or group. Whether that door closes by your own hand as you walk away, or by an unknown force,  I can tell you that no matter what, God always has your back and your best interest at heart.   I think the above saying from the Joel Osteen ministries says it all. 

If you take nothing away from this article know that it's all about your intention. If you intention is to help someone, then you are in a good place. Yes, it's disheartening dealing with people who continually have their hand out, interested in what they can get, those that you help who do not appreciate your time, energy or money, condemning you after you help them.  Just know, that karma is on them.  You are not here to solve everyone's problems. That is their homework. You are not obligated to stay in situations or associate with people who treat you poorly. You are allowed to walk away, even if it's your brother. 

In speaking to a friend, she lost someone close to her as a door closed. When I asked here how she felt, she paused and said, "I feel relieved that I am finally outside all that drama that I allowed that person to create in my life." I've been in similar situations myself and the words calm and relief ring true when it came to removing myself from the influence of those still living in the drama and nonsense.

Go with peace in your heart and mind.

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