Higher Roads - Dealing with the Workplace and Office Politics Without Losing Your Mind

After over 30 years, I've been beaten down and pummeled by the corporate machine until there was nothing left but a bloody stump. As a hired gun for corporations, boy have I seen my share of the corporate jungle, with more juicy stories about those personalities and bad behavior then you can shake a stick at. But here I am vibratiing higher with more love and compassion then I know what to do with.

I'm working with editors to put the finishing touches on this new book geared toward helping readers navigate the workplace with ways to take the higher road when dealing with office politics, personalities and the situations that tie us in knots, bring us to tears and cause us fury, envy and disappointment. 

There's also a section that delves into techniques for reducing stress while at the work.

Coming Late 2015/Early 2016

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