Stay in a State of Being Love

I get asked a lot how to maintain that Love Vibration, that state of "Being Love."
"Oh, that's not easy to keep that up," I often hear.

"Really?" I respond. "Well why not?"

"It's just too much work," most often is the reply.
Well, darlings, let me give you an example of the difference between Being Love and not and you tell me what seems like more work.

Example of Being Love
Waking up, feeling good, thinking about nothing but that moment and smiling, singing and going about your day, greeting everyone you meet.

Example of NOT Being Love
Waking up, feeling awful,  thinking about who said something that made you feel bad yesterday, grimacing, complaining and going about your day, ready to rip someone's head off.

Okay, so which seems like more work?

LeeZa Donatella