I get a lot of questions about living a life full of what you desire. Funny, but when I speak to clients about what they want and we collectively delve into what they have tried in the past, a pattern emerges.  More often than not, people either have no idea what they really want or approach what they want from a place of "lack," meaning that they do not believe that what they want is possible to achieve. Or they have big dreams, but take no action.
It's movies that talk about Secrets and laws to attract what you want, but they never tell you the how. And they tell you about thinking all the time. 

But if you don't believe that it's possible and really feel that something is not obtainable, then you are not going to see it. There is also a vibrational frequency that I call the Being Love sate of being that you have to match when you want something that will bring you the positive result that you are seeking, what I teach people in my Life in Abundance lectures. It's a process that begins with understanding how everything is energy and how that relates to our bodies energy, what we vibrate and create. 

Wishing you a day of creating what you want,
LeeZa Donatella
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