The Power of the Universe from the Seasoned Traveler

Bohemian travel is not new to me as I immerse myself in the culture for the experience of it all. And I've trekked through lands and stayed in places with dirt floors and no windows where the only thing keeping me separated from the natural inhabitants of the insect variety was a thin layer of netting. These are the nights where my full head of curls are securely tucked into a large stocking cap. That's to be expected as I travel alone for months at a time in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in the Andes where the coca tea is abundant, or hanging with locals doing Ayahuasca in remote areas of Brazil. Okay so no one has ever accused me of being a girlie-girl all the time.

When booking through a travel site for a stay in a US based hotel, however, I do expect a somewhat comfortable bed with the amenities advertised in the posting, even in 3 star accommodations.  So what happens when you get to your hotel after midnight and realize that it was a huge mistake booking it?

My first clue was when I called the hotel from the airport to locate the shuttle and they informed me that they had suspended that service last week. I took it in stride as I jumped in a cab and made my way downtown. When I arrived to the Des Moines icon and realized that there was no air conditioning or internet service, I decided perhaps this was not where I was supposed to be.

At times like these instead of lowering my vibration by getting upset or angry, I didn't blame anyone, just smiled as I got on the phone, thinking, ‘Well, I'm sure there's something absolutely incredible waiting for me.” It came in the form of a late night concierge at an upscale downtown hotel, who, out of the goodness of his heart cut the hotel's advertised rate by over 50%, waived the internet fee, excused himself to give me a free bottle of chilled water and put me up on the concierge level. Now that's service. 

Navigating traveling sites for the best deal can be an art form even for the seasoned traveler.  It’s when you take every experience as the gift no matter what happens that's when true magic happens.

I so enjoy sharing these types of stories with all of you and teaching people about a life in abundance as I continue to live it.

Wishing you happy trails,

LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania


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