Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

It's when we step out of our comfort zone, not purposely distracting ourselves but allowing the feelings to rise to the surface that great transformation occurs.

I decided to write a few words this morning about walking with courage as I was reminded about how fearless I have been over the years on my journey as I follow my purpose of helping others. I travel a lot, not having much more than the first few days planned and a return ticket. And I stay in places that most Americans shy away from. Don't get me wrong I am no opposed to staying at a 5 star hotel and have done so many times when traveling for business, but love traveling more bohemian style, immersing myself in the culture, the experiences uplifting and somehow making their way into something I am writing. 

Most people think I'm crazy taking the road less traveled, and alone to boot. I will admit at times when I am thrust into a country where I don't speak the language  allowing the universe to guide me,  or find myself at a crossroad,  that even I question what the heck I am doing.   I felt like this yesterday, so I decided that I would look up to the proverbial "them"  and ask for a little help.

Within minutes while searching for something else entirely I came across this interview with an actor that I remember from my youth. 

I’m still not sure how I came across this gem, but in listening, it was exactly what I needed to hear. 

If you find yourself outside your comfort zone, be confident that the universe knows when you are ready to move forward and provides you with guidance.  And be open to the form of the message, like my recent example, that came in a few words from an actor that my girlfriends and I all had a crush on way back when.  You just never know how the universe is going to try and get your attention.

Wishing you a delicious day,