Reno, Nevada Spiritual Community Classes

Reno, Nevada Spiritual Community Classes

Reno is no longer a town filled with Casinos. There is a new spiritual presence emerging in the midtown area.  Case in point, new and visiting spiritual teachers, like Channel, Author and teacher, LeeZa Donatella who is presenting Part 1 of her series on Abundance here in Reno in April 2015. 

Life in Abundance - The Law of Attraction in Practice 

PART 1 Series.
Thursday April 9th
Thursday April 16th
Thursday April 23rd
Thursday April 30th
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 In this series you will learn about:
  • The Body’s Energy Systems (Chakras)
  • Waking up your bodies energy
  •  Instinctual energy Re-alignment
  •  How to sense (feel and see) energy
  •  How to recognize other people’s energy
  •  The effects of others energy on you
  •  How to balance and realign your energy and the energy of others
  •  The correlation between beliefs, emotions and energy blockages

You will also receive an Introduction to Part 2 of the series being held in May 2015:
  • How to remove energy blockages
  • Energy vibrational states
  • How to request what you desire
  • How to successfully receive abundance
  • How to recognize your energy vibration state and shift for better attraction
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Update: This event has passed.  

Wishing you peace
Leeza Donatella