Experiences from an Abundant Life

Like all of you who are reading this article, I too have had tough times over my lifetime. When I was in the deepness of these harsh or unpleasant experiences, I could not imagine why they were happening or a way out.

Those times seem like someone else life now as I found a way to stay in a better state of being. Once I started living my life a certain way, I knew that the abundance that was all around me was mine for the taking.  

As I prepared to speak about Abundance in Europe to help people move forward, I was asked to provide some input for an article.

I am still continually amazed when what I desire seemingly instantaneously appears, saying it nonchalantly one moment and having it materialize the next. My goal of helping awaken the planet as I help others move forward has me sharing my secrets of how to create the life they deserve

I have hundreds of examples to share, including walking into a Casino, sitting down and hitting jackpots in as little as 7 minutes, but that's too easy. Let me provide you with a few different types of wonderful abundant things involving people, situations or what some may consider the supernatural that have happened to me once I understood the correlation between energy, emotions and one’s state of being.

A Taste Experience to Remember
In early March 2014, upon my return from 3 months in Mexico volunteering and performing research on my projects, I found myself for a day in LA. I took time to have drinks with my friend Tone, a producer for reality TV, but happened to get lost on the way back to my hotel.

I followed my instincts and made a right at a well-known street in Beverly Hills called Wilshire Blvd.  As I drove past this incredible upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, called Bazaar by José Andrés something told me to turn around. Having recently come from being out with my friend, I was certainly dressed well, but not having a ton of cash in my pocket I was hesitant and drove passed it.  It was then that I was overcome by wave of “knowing” that had my car practically steer itself around the block making its way back there.

As I pulled up to the valet station, I looked up and said, okay, if I am supposed to be here, my bill should be no more than $20. I laughed as I handed the valet my keys and headed into the restaurant.

I sat at one of their culinary bars where I watched the chef orchestrate tapas like no other, adorning them with several of the many eatable accruements that lay on the 20 foot table before me and ordered a small soup and a Cava trying to keep my bill to the $20 that I promised. 

Something strange was happening. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated as if I were Julia Roberts. It was the celebrity treatment all the way as I was overwhelmed by the staff’s attention.

“But, I did not order this,” I shyly exclaimed, as they continually brought me delicacies from the menu.

“This is on us,” they replied. Funny, but as I looked around the restaurant no one else seemed to be receiving the same treatment.

The staff’s professionalism, talent and courteousness was unparalleled as they educated me on the different tastes on their menu, guiding me through my first nitrogen infusion experience. ‘These creations would surprise and delight even the most discerning and cultured palette,’ I thought, as the gastronomic delicacies tantalized my tongue, their flavors popping as they combined in my mouth. I sighed in true orgasmic fashion, savoring each mini masterpiece.

To make a great evening even better, I got to provide a channeled message and share spiritual information with a New York businesswoman who sat beside me. 

I was feeling very good about this abundant experience, though still a little nervous as I got the end of the evening, knowing that I had consumed over $200 dollars’ worth of food and drink.  When the bill came, it was less than $23.

It’s nights like these where I am reminded that you can manifest anything when you are in the right state of being. This foodie sacrificed nothing as I was literally provided with life's great tastes and magically, most of them ended up to be free.

An Unbelievable Waterfall Experience
I was visiting John of God for the first time back in 2003 when I experienced what I can only all a miraculous event. For those of you who are not aware, Abadiânia, Brazil is a place for healing body, mind and soul and is becoming a sought out place for the spiritual trekker. 

I can toss around words like spiritual or energetic surgery, all these terms explained in a book about going to visit John of God and my personal experiences that I published after my latest journey in August 2014 called EatPray Stay: Abadiânia.

There was one experience in particular that stands out in my mind, I just never get tired of telling folks about it.  In the weeks I had been in Abadiânia I had been to the waterfall several times. It was toward the end of my trip that I was instructed to visit alone. It was considered a great honor at that time and at first, I was not sure why it was given to me. I thought that it was because I assisted in the soup preparation that they allowed be to go to the Sacred Waterfall on my own. I thought that I may never know the reason why the Entity provided me with this instruction when I passed in front of him during a session close to my departure, but after my visit to the waterfall, I realized that the Entities had something special in mind.

Since my first visit, the path to the water had been changed, now much longer and paved with sturdier handrails and a waiting area, I remember the short path adorned by tall grass on either side and rope handrails as if it were yesterday.  Making sure the coast was clear, I disrobed as back then clothing was not typically worn while bathing in these healing waters.

As I looked to my right, I saw this very different looking butterfly perched atop the rope handrail. The texture of this insect was like one of those velvet Elvis paintings. The butterfly’s body was black with one horizontal neon-orange stripe and one horizontal neon lime-green stripe painted on its back, one in each of its main body sections.
‘Ah, I have an admirer’, I chuckled to myself.

The waterfall area was enclosed by a thick canopy of trees above as well as on all sides. I dipped my toe in to discover the frigidity of the water, even at midday. It would be a refreshing treat, my skin warm from the humid surroundings. The rocks were slick, some covered with moss as I carefully made my way to the center of the pool feed by the rushing water from above. 

I was so very excited to be in this place that I began to sing. I made up a song of thanks to all the people who worked at The Casa and the spirits who help people here.  The words of this melody cam e easily and quickly as I continued to express my love in song. I was smiling in my heart as I splashed myself and cleansed the crystals I brought along with me singing louder by the moment. 

As I had finished my visit, I noticed my little insect friend, my butterfly still sitting on the rope hand rail. I looked down on him with gratitude that he decided to stay with me and keep my company, including him in my song of joy as I dressed.

I surveyed my surroundings one last time bowing my head in homage to my little insect friend as I slipped my feet into my flip flops continuing to fill the waterfall with my creative lyrical praise.

As I looked up, I was astonished. I stood there frozen, unable to move, rubbing my eyes not sure what I was seeing was real.

There were now hundreds of pairs of these butterflies flying in a clockwise direction around the enclosed space. They were everywhere. ‘But how?’

It took less than a couple of seconds for me to look down to slip my feet into my flip flops and back up again! I gulped in awe, now motionless.

When I could finally move again, I began singing louder, in thanks, smiling as I left the Sacred Waterfall.

I could hardly contain my joy, skipping all the way back up the hill to my lodging. As I shared my experience with new friends I realized that it was The Casa’s special gift, just for me. Over the years since this occurrence as I searched the internet, I never could find the species I saw that day in that special place.

It was a miraculous moment where I was shown how all things are possible when we are in a certain state of being that the doorway opens to see things even more wondrous than we can imagine. Everyone's miracles are different and I still carry this experience with me as vivid as the day it occurred.

Manifesting in a Moment
No matter how often I manifest, I am always in awe, amazed at how easily it comes when you are in the right state of being.  This one always leaves me with a little tickle in my heart.

Over my corporate life as an independent technology mergers consultant I have had the opportunity to work with senior executives in the financial services industry. It is a feast or famine type role where you are either working or on a forced unpaid vacation. 
I took the times when the industry was slow, which could be more than 1 year at a time, to work on increasing my consciousness and my spiritual practice.
There was one time in particular that I recall when I was visiting my sister in Idaho. As we sat outside late one evening talking, she asked,

“So, what are go going to do next?”

Nonchalantly, I turned and said, “I’m pretty much out of cash, so I guess I need to get a new assignment.”  I looked up, twirling my index finger in the air and said, “Get me a gig.”

I said my good nights shortly thereafter and made my way to bed.   When I checked my email as I drank my coffee the next morning, my mouth flew open. There is was a 8:30 am; an email that arrived out-of-the-blue from an old co-worker that I had not contacted in about 5 years, asking,

“I know it’s been a while and I am not sure if you are available, but I could really use your help on a project for a few months.”

By the end of that day, I had successfully procured my next assignment.

Remember that the universe showers you with indescribable pleasures when you live your life filled with abundance.

Wishing you a delicious day,