Walking Away From Distraction and Drama

In yesterdays article, I spoke about Hawkin's levels of consciousness and explained how I strive to stay at the level of love. When you can maintain this level what you experience is a delicious world, filled with synchronizations and blessings.

I've heard from some of you over the past couple of years about your difficulties in maintaining love when dealing with less than pleasant situations, lower emotions and interacting with the energies of others, so here's my advice:

Try to always look for the potential positive that may come from any situation. As far as the people with whom you interact, know that as you grow and expand you meet people and others fall away.  Sometimes you need to know when to help and when to walk away from people causing distraction and drama. It may be the best thing that you can do for them, allowing them to stand and face their challenges and realize their inner strength.

Sending you love,

LeeZa Donatella
Website: Leeza Donatella