Increasing your Consciousness and Vibration

I was sharing some of the theories and practices centered on vibration and frequency that I’ve been involved with in the past 20 years with a new friend. When I saw that they had posted something on social media regarding their change in viewpoint about a particular area in their life and what they shared seemed to be a big departure from the emotional stance they have followed for years, I was not surprised.

Why? Because I know that like the experiment where many metronomes started at different intervals sync to each other, humans also begin to sync toward the highest vibrational denominator we associate with. When provided with the seeds to enlightenment, we change, releasing old beliefs and increasing our vibration. We may perhaps jump from desire (125) which is under the critical level of integrity to neutrality (250), a good step toward future reason (400) and peace (600), yet another step on the ladder toward enlightenment.

I think Hawkins provided a great example of the different levels of consciousness in his book Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

I correlate his levels to vibration and frequency although I have no number assignments. I just know that the higher your vibration, the closer you get to those amazing beings at the top of the chart like Jesus, Buddha and Mother Teresa and other saintly people. And when you can stay for more of your day in that state I call BEING LOVE, then your vibration definitely has a positive effect on others.

Remember darlings that you are beauty in spirit personified in a physical experience, a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, morphing into something even more wonderful. Do not be discouraged by any minor difficulties you encounter as you stretch and grow.

I hope that this helps make sense of it all. 

Sending you all good vibrations

LeeZa Donatella
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