Who You Hang With and How You Feel

Often we encounter people in our lives for various reasons.  There is this dance, this tango that we do with them. Some we dance with for a long time, others for merely an instant. These my dears are experiences that can either help us sloff off the muck that's keeping us from moving forward or perhaps to clear up past karma or they may include great periods of love, joy and adventure. You just need to be aware of how long the dance is, because after it's over, you're both supposed to go your separate ways. If you don't then it may be at a price. I remember a few years back when a friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I laughed and said that I wanted a passionate kiss lasting for an hour with a beautiful being who wore his soul at the tips of his eyes. Well, I ended up getting my wish. If I would have left it at that, then I would had a much different year, but I didn't, even though I knew better and there were signs to move away.  

Today, I'm not so naive and neither should you be. Life is not about sacrifice or being made to feel like you owe someone something; its about joy, giving and loving.  When you see signs in the people with whom you are acquainted that make you feel less than your true self (pure love), perhaps a guy who you hardly know attempting to make demands on your time, control you in some way or make you feel bad, know that they're put there merely as a learning experience and are supposed to be in your life for a short period of time, the time it takes you to realize what you need to learn, grow and release in order to move forward. And as you shake off the last bit of that old belief that no longer serves you and let it roll like water off a duck's ass, smile as you look back and see how quickly you discerned what you deserve and who is not deserving of your precious time.

When you interact with people who fill you with joy without expectation, then you're hanging with the right crowd.  

Here's the rule: If it feels good when you're with the person, then you're in the right state of being. If you feel off in some way or made to feel bad, then move away, quickly because the sooner you move out of that energy, the sooner you will attract beautiful energy once again.

Wishing you a day filled with glorious possibilities,
LeeZa Donatella
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