Surprises can Lead to Great Change

I not often surprised much anymore, but I know that regardless of the surprise the outcome will be good. And yes, even if the surprise is tied to something unpleasant.

Surprises come in many packages. Sometimes it's presented in a unexpected kind act, a promotion, gift or gesture. Or perhaps you have surprised yourself when you take the time to reflect on where you are now compared to where you've been. There are also those surprises that allow us to stretch our wings, grow and soar, like when a mother bird pushes her baby from the nest.  I know that this example may represent a less than pleasant visual for some of you, but in the end it all works out well for the baby bird; most of the time anyway. 

Have you ever had a parent do something when you were younger without your knowledge and lead you to it with gentle or not so gentle step that helped you move forward?

Based on the places I have lived, like Sedona, I have been truly blessed by the multitude of wisdom that I share and that is shared with me through synchronicitis meetings that provide incredible insight allowing one to look at life differently.

As I look back to the person I was years ago, I'm amazed at the transformation and am thrilled to pass on my wisdom through my lectures, sessions, call and emails with all of you.

So I say to you today, although a surprise that causes a great change is sometimes like being thrown out of the nest, embrace it and you will begin to soar! 

Wishing you a day filled with love,

LeeZa Donatella
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