Little Things Can Bring Big Blessings

I found myself on a recent rainy day wanting a place with a soft atmosphere that reminded me of good times past and a great cup of something hot.  I drove the rain drenched backstreets of midtown Reno, NV to The Isles, where I was transported back to the early 1900’s as I took my first step into its foyer.

The fragrant Irish tea and scones with Devonshire crème and jam were a delightful treat as I sat back and enjoyed the energy of this place as Irish music played in the background.

I was in good company in this hidden gem that attracts locals from as far away as Tahoe and new transplants from the UK.  But only a few rooms, all were filled with the regalia of the motherland, original wood floors and built-in cabinetry stocked with imported delicacies and sundries.  

While I was there a few young women from England and Ireland ventured into my room and squealed with delight as they spied their favorite biscuits, jams and condiments from their native countries.
I was blessed with great company as a beautiful couple sat at the table beside me and we engaged in conversation. I felt blessed with the gift of their time and friendship.

Before leaving I got to spend a few moments with a young women who works there. I grinned as her eyes widened when I provided her with channeled messages. Loving hugs were exchanged as I said my goodbyes.

It was an experience that I will long remember as I walked out of there filled with gratitude and peace.

It’s the little things in life that bring us the biggest blessings and remind us of the reason why we’re here and what’s important. Sharing our loving selves with others is what shows our humanness.

Please take the time to slow down, step away from your electronics and engage a stranger and pretty soon you'll have a new friend.

Many thanks to that charming couple who secretly paid for my tea that day.

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