Happy Valentine's Day 2015

So often I have no idea what I'm going to write as I sit down at my laptop, allowing divine inspiration to guide the words that make it into each article. More often than not when I do have an idea or theme, by the time I complete the article, the message is totally different than when I began. Today's message is about Love; not the romantic kind, although I'm not at all opposed to that as we get closer to Valentine's Day 2015. This is love of an unconditional kind and it very well may be directed to that same person with whom you share romance and intimacy. But... it does not have to be.

Unconditional love comes in many forms; it's the smile or good morning as you greet all those you meeting, the giving up your seat for someone on the bus, the holding of a door to let someone walk in front of you and the performing of other random acts of kindness for those you know as well as those you don't.

Make this Valentine's Day stand out in your mind as well as being felt in the hearts of those who may not be with someone this year by showing them some form of unconditional love.  If you happen to run into a senior in the market, offer to buy them a cup of coffee and spend sometime listening to one of their many great stories about the ways things used to be. It's a small way that you can be their valentine this year.  

Trust me when I tell you that sharing your loving self with another is the most delicious feeling in the world experienced by both giver and receiver.

Sending you my love this and everyday,
LeeZa Donatella
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