Express your Joy in Creative Outlets

Life is to be experienced and every experience is a gift. 

Never be embarrassed to express yourself in any creative way and continue to do what provides you with joy and don't look to others for validation. It is only what you think that matters. Don't allow others to keep you from expressing the love within you.

I remember when my friend Eileen and I were in Manhattan sitting in a small cafe having an espresso. I could overhear the conversation at another table where an agent was telling a young filmmaker that he should "throw in the towel." The agent’s words were harsh and the recipient looked miserable, almost gray because he was allowing the words of this man to determine his faith and squash his dream. 

Although I did end up going over there and providing words of encouragement after the agent's departure, you do not need wait for someone like me to tell you that no matter how you express your joy, the angels are looking down at you and smiling for the effort.

Enjoy today's montage of sayings set on a trailer audio that I did for another video as I express my joy, put myself out there and perhaps look like a total fool. And guys and gals it doesn't matter because each time I see it I laugh and smile.

Wishing you a glorious Friday and a beautiful weekend,
LeeZa Donatella
            Eat Pray Stay - Abadiania
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