Your Journey Awaits

I know I say “if I had a nickel every time" a lot, but seriously if I had a nickel every time I hear someone say “someday I will….” I'd be rich.

If you can finish the above sentence then yes I am speaking directly to you.

Let me tell you something, darling. Someday does not come. It’s today or the highway when those opportunities come knocking.

If think that you'll start living tomorrow, chances are that you will continually put off those snippets of inspirational guidance that lead us to our greatest joys, until the spark is completely gone.

I remember a time back in the mid 90’s when I had just finished reading a book called The Celestine Prophecy. Although the book was fiction, it mentioned Machu Picchu. I was so very much inspired to go and visit this lost City of the Inca atop the Andes. When a couple of weeks later I overheard two gentlemen speaking about Machu Picchu at a local coffee shop I knew that it was an experience that “The All that is” wanted for me as much as I wanted it. So I took action and booked a flight. With a backpack and a vague idea I made my way through this town and that, to the Andes and Amazon. in all I spent about 3 months on this journey of discovery. It was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. I roamed around Peru's 28 temperate zones alone with no plans, no fear and no expectations. Everything was delicious; the people, places, food and culture.  I was truly free. This was one of several adventures where I have jumped off the grid in search of knowledge, adventure and experience.

I often bring up a least one journey when I speak to groups and am continually amazed by the people who come up to me afterward saying how they wish they had the courage to travel to South America. Some ask how I can travel alone. I travel most places alone, not because I am opposed to traveling with a partner, but I'm not one to just wait for someday. When inspiration strikes, I respond.

Although I'm no longer twenty I still believe that I'm a player and not a spectator in life. I like to get into the game and get dirty and sweaty. Okay, so maybe cliff diving is not at the top of my list anymore, but I never say never and believe that the word impossible is non-existent. I think that there's nothing wrong with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and that all experiences are a gift.  And I'm always grateful to all of you for reading these articles that I write, continually touched when I hear that my words helps one of you.

Back to my point today: Don’t wait until tomorrow to start enjoying your life, but live it to the fullest. Your journey of self-discovery and savoring all the delicious tastes that life has to offer you starts right now. Be bold and take that first step. Afraid?  That’s okay. Take my hand and we’ll take the journey together.

Sending love your way,
LeeZa Donatella

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