Elizabeth Anderson

As a spiritual author and long-time energy practitioner and teacher, I have and continue to explore many types of practices and modalities. Although I don't promote many, there are the select few that I share and my time with Elizabeth Anderson is one.

I was fortunate to spend time with Liz in late 2012 through the first half of 2013 while she visited Sedona, AZ. During this time she shared with me an understanding of her background, knowledge and practice and her gift of unlocking something within our core.

I am always seeking ways to advance and was curious, so I booked a session with her.  Below is a summary of this experience.

My Session
I immediately felt safe within the peaceful energy of Liz’s studio; soft lights, candles, spiritual music, pleasant scents permeating the air and a resting place for me adorned with spiritual accoutrement.

We sat opposite each other as she explained the process. The session began with words of wisdom and a ritual with oils that we shared. She guided me to lay down on the resting place and instructed me to close my eyes as she began her connection and breath-work.  

As she moved around to the different parts of my body, I felt a shift. Something was being altered, although at first, I could not determine its precise nature. As she neared my feet, I got the image of being in a slow native canoe floating peacefully down the Nile in a time many millennium ago. In this vision I was dressed in the clothes of that period, my hair still the dark color of my present incarnation. As she moved toward my the top of my body, something in the center of the upper middle of my back stirred. 

‘Now this is interesting,’ I thought to myself, as she focused on this area. The more she stayed there, the more I felt movement, as if someone were manipulating a dial. A visual came into view of a worn bronze colored disk thousands of years old, encrusted with what I can only describe as hieroglyphic-like symbols. It felt like a suction cup over the back of my heart chakra. After some time it dislodged and flew away, perhaps back to its origin.

Liz smiled as I shared my experience with her after the session and provided me with follow-up information for the coming days. I walked away feeling peace, went home and spent time in quiet contemplation.  The changes I felt were at first subtle as I began to settle into the benefits of the session.

About 2 days later something was definitely changing. I could feel a small increase in my vibration. I've had these before over my lifetime and they usually last between 24 to 48 hours. For me they feel like an internal tingling, a hum that either pulsates outward from my core or presents itself as waves from toe-to-head or head-to-toe as my physical body adjusts to its new frequency. This particular attunement started in the core and pulsed outward and I experienced it for the good part of that second day.

On the third day I experienced something new. It was raining and I was driving toward uptown Sedona in early evening. I was stopped at a traffic light and closed my eyes for a moment when I noticed something odd in the left eye. It was information scrolling very quickly down that reminded my of that movie, The Matrix. I was not able to distinguish the characters, and with little knowledge of what I was seeing, I phoned Liz. She explained to me that this download was an outcome of our session and would present itself in a format that I was familiar with. 

"Just ask it to slow down so you can take a closer look at it," she instructed.

I got off the phone and decided to give it a try. I closed my eyes and once again I was provided with the streaming information. I smirked as I asked it to slow down. Amazingly, it did just that. I took my time scanning from left to right picking out the familiar binomial code interspersed with long mathematical equations. With an undergraduate degree focused in applied mathematics and years as a VP Technology, I was not entirely surprised, although some of the equations were ones that even I have never seen before. When my analysis was complete I asked the stream to speed up again and saw the pace pick back up until once again I could no longer decipher the characters.  I checked often throughout day 4 to get a glimpse of this information. Tickled by the possibilities and future applications, I spent hours after requesting a slow-down in an attempt of interpretation. 

I was little disappointed when I awoke on day 5 to realize that it had stopped. I phone Liz who confirmed it was because the download was now complete.

Although the technique Liz used seemed simple, my experience as I described above was profound and my life has taken a different path.

I would recommend Liz to fellow seekers as they work toward finding their true self and purpose on Earth.

Liz is based near Noosa, Australia, but travels extensively throughout the world. You can contact her for more information about her practice and travel schedule at lizzianderson@bigpond.com.

Wishing you a day filled with great experiences, 

LeeZa Donatella