Taking Charge of your Weekend

Some of us have a couple of days off from work per week.  Unfortunately, these "off days" are filled with more work, chores, errands and bills that fill in the time between daylight and dust. Then we pop home and either jump in the shower, get dressed and are off to yet another place for the evening or make dinner and crash on the couch falling into distraction in front of the TV.  

So where is the "off" in our days off?

There doesn't seem to be any and with no real days off, we deprive our body and mind of what it desperately needs, time to relax and recharge. When we get that chance we are clear, live in the present and more fully connected to our environment. This is only accomplished when we can find time alone with no distractions and find the quiet. It's when we turn off everything; our PC, TV, cell phone, our Kindle and our mind as we breathe in the calm and exhale the stress. And when we are quiet and at peace our heartbeats slows and blood drenches and rejuvenates our cells and balances our hormones.

When I see someone who doesn't know how to wind down, I want to remind them of the saying, "Take time to smell the roses." I always save time each day to be by myself, even for a little while, as I reflect and reconnect and am amazed how quickly I can return to total bliss, a space of peace, unconditional love, joy and compassion.

So, for the love of all that is good for you, find some precious time to relax, de-stress and be at peace as you allow your mind to become calm and serene and focus on the present. Your body, mind and soul will be delighted by the change. 

Wishing you a day of peace,

LeeZa Donatella


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