Experiencing the Matrix

It's no wonder the movie 'The Matrix' did so well at the box office. That's because there are large chunks of that movie that provide a glimpse into a reality that is within our reach. 

Like the movie, most people live in 2-by-2 illusion.  An example may be the best way to explain this. Have you ever met someone whose life revolves around the 2 miles by 2 miles that surround them, never really venturing out beyond their comfort zone?  
I'm sure you have. Similar to being stuck inside a box, they are only exposed to limited experience as fear based emotions or belief systems keep them from expansion and knowing the possibilities outside the space they live in. They're content to continue taking the blue pill, living in their illusion.

Did you know that when we're born we have no limits?

We see everything, sense everything, know everything and experience everything.  Have you ever noticed small children looking so intently, then smiling and communicating to a spot in a room where there seems to be nothing? Do you really believe that there is nothing there just because you can't see what they're looking at? 

Infants are unable to express the underlying knowledge that they have, due to their limited spoken language skills. That doesn't mean that babies are not intelligent. Quite the contrary; they are sponges and learn many times more rapidly than adults. According to research, an infant's brain produces 2-3 million synapses per second. There's a lot of development going on and cognitive abilities at that young age are truly remarkable. 

Unfortunately by the time they are 5, they lose a lot of what keeps them seeing beyond the thin layer that I call the veil. For a lucky few they never lose that entire connection and vision. And most people who are open to the possibility that the veil exists, spend a good part of their adult life trying to reconnect. 

If you are shaking your head as you read this, let me tell you a story that explains this perceptual blindness. As the European explorers neared the shores of new lands in their large ships, the natives on shore didn't see these large vessels that were in plain site. Why? Because their belief system kept them closed off to the possibility that these ships could exist. It wasn;t until one wise man who could see these vessels planted the seed that germinated, allowing the other natives to see. 

When you believe that there is a possibility and take that step and take the red pill you become aware of the true nature of the Matrix where you have control over your reality.

Welcome to the new paradigm.

LeeZa Donatella

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