Close your Eyes to See the Light

This statement is typically used metaphorically; "Sometimes you have to close your eyes and see the light," which means that when you look without your eyes, the answer comes.  It's a true statement that we get answers when we take time to reflect. Today, though, I'm referring to literally closing your eyes and seeing light.

For decades when I close my eyes in the evening to go to sleep, in about 5 minutes in the total darkness with eyes closed, I begin to see what I can only describe as golden light, brighter than the sun. I asked my mother and she would just tell me to concentrate on a black piece of paper to go to sleep. That helped a bit but for years I was confused about the whole thing. I got used to it as it happened to me five nights out of seven. I dismissed it as the beginning of dreaming, but sometimes it would wake me up, just as I had settled down. At other times I would catch myself, saying “way cool” as I would start to see it when in a state of calm and bliss with heightened senses. 

'What the heck is this? Am I dreaming about sunshine?'

Years later, I would ask my partners. “Do you see sunshine when you close your eyes?” They just shot me a look and would say something like "No, that's not normal." 

It wasn't until
early December 2012 when I was attending a Christ Consciousness class where the minister asked if anyone see bright light when they close their eyes in a dark room. My eyes widen as I finally knew that I was not alone. He explained that when we see bright glowing light in meditation, we are seeing Archangel Michael’s burning sword guarding the gates of Eden and if you enter those gates you in front of God.  That's certainly one way to look at it and no offense Archangel Michael, but I think you have better things to do then guard Eden from the likes of me. 
I was close to a definition that perhaps I could wrap my head around. 

Call it what you like,I do not judge; What I have come to understand is that when we see light when we close our eyes in total darkness that the light is our connection to the Divine, our higher divine self, our Source, God. 

Why does this occur?
When we get more attuned in the physical body and our vibration and consciousness increases. 

I'm sharing this with you today in the off chance that you too are experiencing this out of the ordinary.  If you are, then know that you're not alone and it's perhaps the beginning of your awakening.

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Wishing you a day filled with Love,

Leeza Donatella