Home is in the Heart

I am often in a new place every few weeks, but unlike most people, I don’t jolt my head up in bed wondering, ‘Where the heck am I.’ I guess it’s because I’ve lived this way, through both my corporate and writing careers that I am accustomed not sleeping in the same place for very long. It’s a lifestyle that I grew to love as I got to explore the world, for all my projects including those where I have had the opportunity to give back and volunteer to make the lives of others just a little better.  It seems like someone else’s life, when I think back to the last time I had solid roots in one place. Not many embrace my free and easy way of living and at times I miss the old me.

But I am a rare breed as I continue to search for that place where permanent roots feel like home.

I do know one thing, No matter where I am, because of the love that I have in my heart, a love that I share with all I meet, that wherever I lay my head, I am home.

Wishing you peace,