The Energy Shift

I just wanted to talk a little about the energy shift. It first started in 1987 when many planets started to align. Some called it the beginning of the Christ Consciousness, the beginning of a new cycle that the ancient Incas or Mayans prophesied, I can never remember which. They called it the Harmonic Convergence.  Well it was the beginning to fixed planetary states as we awaited further planetary alignments, through 11/11/2011 (11:11) then the final alignments on 12/12/2012.  Then came 12/21/12, the end of the world. Well, technically for most there were no Earth shattering occurrences, but for those of us who knew the significance of this date, as the frequencies and vibrations of energy increased.   

Some called it a rebirthing, and others an evolutionary leap. All I know is that the vibrations and frequencies have increased. What does that mean?

Well, let's use the example of water and a stone. What happens when you toss a stone in water? You get a ripple in the water. Well if you put a device in water that vibrates, the water will vibrate. Are you getting it now? 

Waves of light changed the atmosphere of the Milky Way galaxy and has raised the level at which we all vibrate with an intensity having an effect on our minds and bodies.

You may be asking yourself, why should I care?

Well, my dears, look around you. Have you noticed yet that there are more people leaving the planet than ever before?  The new energies are intense and those who are not equipped to embrace them, well, some are choosing to leave. Statistics show an increase in suicide in the US and in Japan, Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest has seen a spike in recent years.

Some are choosing drugs and alcohol to distract themselves and deal, but you don;t have to do that.

There are ways to align your energies through meditation and training. Sometimes a few simple excercises can make the difference as you increase your awareness. It always gives me such joy when I teach a class and I see the shift in the energy patterns of my students. 

Wishing you blessings this day and always,

LeeZa Donatella




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