I love Myself

How often can you honestly say that you love yourself?  The reason I ask is because in this world full of so many negatives, it's difficult to say this and really mean it.

Think about the parent who continually exposes their children to continual negative patterns, speech and behavior. Do you think that those children are going to love themselves? What we are exposed to during our developmental years has a profound effect on the rest of our lives

Take a look at CNN or "constantly negative news" as I call it. News television and most programing paint a pretty grim picture of life today and the future. As a society are we any less happy? I think the answer to that is a whopping YES. And if we're not happy, we certainly are not going to love ourselves.

I have only love and have compassion for everyone, even those who have not yet awakened and still judge others.  Will that mindset win me the lottery. I would love to think so , but if not I still sleep soundly and wake each morning with the sun singing and in love with the most important being in my world, ME.

If you are not loving yourself right now, take a moment to ask yourself why not.

Are you worried with others will think of you, say behind your back? 
I learned to shut off the negative and walk into that self love by believing that it is possible to have a future where I need no one's approval except my own. And I learned that lesson the hard way at the hand of someone who tried to destroy my self esteem as well as my reputation. It taught me that no matter what anyone else says, it is what I know to be true about myself that matters. Your reputation is merely what people think of you, BUT your character is who you really on and have to sleep with at night. If I can do that, darling so can you.

Are you lonely?
Work on cherishing those times that you are alone. Trust me, it's better to be content and alone than with someone and lonely. That kind of loneliness is actually worse than being by yourself.

When I'm feeling less than stellar I put on something I can sing to and I sing, LOUDLY. It doesn't matter if my voice sucks, I do it anyway. It always makes me get right back on track and is a start to loving the true self.  Give it a try and tell me what YOU think.

Wishing you a day with love,

LeeZa Donatella
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