When Sleep Does Not Come

I rolled around in bed this morning trying to find a comfortable position. I turned left, then right, but sleep did not come. It has been a long time since I had trouble getting to sleep and I wondered what was so embedded in my mind that I could not fall off that cliff into slumber.
So I pulled out all my sleep inducing tricks:

  • I tried a trick my mother told me about when I was young. She used to tell me to imagine that I was staring at a black piece of paper. But alas, it did not work.
  • I tried meditation while I lay in bed. I took deep breaths, focusing on the air traveling in and out of my nostrils, quieting my thoughts. No dice.
  • I counted backward from 100, but when I got to the final countdown of ten, nine, eight, I opened my eyes, frustrated.
  • I settled down and tried the last technique I was aware of, counting those funny looking sheep, you know, like the ones you see in the mattress commercials; but they all shook their heads at me as they headed over that fence.
I sat up and racked my brain for the cause of my disturbance.  Did I have too much caffeine earlier in the day? No, that wasn’t it. Was I obsessing over some trivial issue? No sir.

Was I excited about something to come? Nope, that wasn’t it either.

The more I racked my brain over why I could not get to sleep the more I could not sleep. Ah, ha!

Stop overthinking everything. Sometimes, you just can’t sleep!

Wishing you restfullness,

LeeZa Donatella

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