Volunteering can Improve YOUR Health!

Did you know that when you give of your time to help others you are also helping yourself?  That’s right, the NY Daily News isn’t the only one that has it right when they published this article based on studies that showed that volunteering can improve mortality for subjects who volunteer versus the ones who don't. I also found information on Psychological Science's site about how Providing Social Support May Be More Beneficial Than Receiving It

Some of us have known for years that the act of giving has a tremendously positive affect not only on the receiver, but also on the giver. Okay, so I’m here once again on my soapbox asking you to help others. I know that you've heard this from me before, but it is so very important that I drill this home so I am saying it again. And let's face it; It just feels great when you are helping others, doesn't it?

You don’t have to join the Peace Core or spend 18 hour days for a straight month volunteering to make a difference. Although studies say that 100 hours a year is ideal, as few as a couple of hours a month can make a difference to your own well-being. I don’t care how busy your schedule is, everyone can spare a couple of hours a month.

I make it a point to volunteer wherever I am. I’m actually sort of a professional volunteer these days, seeking out opportunities.  When I was recently in the sleepy little town called Abadi├ónia, Brazil, at the Casa de Dom Ignacio I found my way back to the kitchen where they peel, core, slice and chop about 50 bushels of vegetables each week in preparation of the blessed soup that John of God serves gratis to visitors.  In a couple of weeks I was made co-manager of the 40 plus volunteers, a badge that gladly wore for the few months I stayed in town. It gave me such great joy giving back to a town who had given me so much. A Couple of My Volunteer efforts

Whether you are traveling or staying home, there are a ton of great volunteer opportunities for you.  Start by asking at your church, synagogue, temple or mosque; your school, university or library, your local St Vincent de Paul, Goodwill or Salvation Army. Local and long distance opportunities abound. Below are places you can start:
  • VolunteerMatch.org
  • Idealist.org
  • HandsOnNetwork.org
I always feel so blessed to be able to help others. I know you will too!

Wishing you the gift of giving your time today,

LeeZa Donatella

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