Manipulating the Energy Around You

Did you know that we have more control over things than we think as we tune into our environment. We are all made of the same stuff, energy.

What if you knew that you could manipulate the energy around you. I have my own secret formula for achieving this. 

  1. I Know what I want 
  2. I Believe it's possible to achieve it
I always add is a third piece which is that I believe that I deserve it and will use it to make a difference for others, but that's just me.

With this concept, though, I've been able to do things that would leave most people scratching their heads.  The key here is to eliminate lower vibrations, like fear, doubt, desperation. Once you do that, anything is possible.

Not quite wrapping you head around this one?  Okay, perhaps that's a bit too much for you to conceptualize right now, so let's start with something that you can believe.

Yes, it's an experiment but in this case you are the scientist.  Is there something about yourself that you want to change? Now, there is no hard or simple here, everything is simple. You need to know that first. It's only hard if you BELIEVE that it's hard. It's those hard and fast lower vibrational beliefs that keep us where we are. 

Once you realize that old beliefs are keeping you back, then the door opens a crack . Believe in your soul that you can achieve absolutely anything your heart desires, and you are pushing that door wide open and you can get actually get what you're seeking.

Why not take some time alone, be present and think about it.  Just food for thought. 

Wishing you a day with a delicious experiment of exacting a change in your life,

LeeZa Donatella
Site:  www.leezadonatella,com
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