It is Love that Conquers All

It is love that conquers all. Okay, so I started today's article a little strong considering the time of the day, but sometimes we have to be strong in order to get people's attention.

The Love of self guides you through life. When you realize that there are only 2 emotions, love and that which is not love, then you get it. 

I am often asked, 'What is love?' 

It is that deliciousness that is unparalleled by anything else. It is that inner feeling of peace; the first breath of cold air in the morning that bathes your lungs in crispness as you watch the sunrise and that sigh as you see it set. Love is the euphoric feeling as the scrumptious fragrance of life infiltrates your nostrils and that compassion for all you encounter no matter how they act toward you.

Once you know that you ARE Love, well, then every experience becomes love and you realize that you can do ANYTHING.

Wishing you a day filled with Love,
LeeZa Donatella

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