Amazing Things Happen When You Follow Your Guides

I awoke this morning, thinking of a delicious event that occurred earlier this year being shown the pleasures of life. In typical throwback Thursday style I am recalling this instance and sharing it with all of you once more. 

It was March, and I had just flown into LAX from 3 months in Mexico where I had volunteered in the barrio. Dressed in true LA style, I met up for lunch on Sunset with friend Tone, a producer for reality TV. After a great visit I headed off to a hotel for the evening, before making my way back to Sedona.

Unfortunately, not knowing LA, I got lost.  I took it in stride as I turned right on the only road name I recognized, Wilshire Blvd. I figured if I was going to be lost, at least I would do it in style. I drove for several minutes into Beverly Hills. As I drove past this upscale Beverly Hills restaurant called Bazaar by José Andrés, my heart fluttered and something inside, told me to turn around. I said out loud to my guides, 'Really? You want me to go to the one of the most exclusive restaurants in Beverly Hills?' I shook my head from side to side indicating that there was no way I was going to turn around, yet my car practically steered itself around the block making its way back to the valet station. 'Okay, but I am only having a small glass of sparkling wine, then I'm out of here,' I said to them adamantly.

I was graciously greeted by the manager as I entered and found a comfortable seat at one of their culinary bars. I ordered my sparkling wine and sat there watching the chef orchestrate tapas like no other, adorning them with several of the many eatable accouterments that lay on the 20 foot table before me.  I was in awe of this place, the people and the atmosphere. 

Then something happened! 

The universe provided me with deliciousness, reminiscent of the corporate VP life that I left behind.  I was literally provided with life's great tastes, as they magically appeared in front of me, the staff asking me to try them gratis. That's right you heard me correctly, gratis. I was their special guest tonight.  I was overwhelmed with appreciation for the staff’s professionalism, talent and courteousness as they educated me on the different tastes on their menu, guiding me through my first nitrogen infusion experience. ‘These creations would surprise and delight even the most discerning and cultured palette,’ I thought.  I think even Andrew Zimmern would be proud as I took my time to enjoy the gastronomic delicacies, each tantalizing my tongue, their flavors popping as they combined in my mouth. I sighed in true orgasmic fashion, savoring each mini masterpiece.

I didn't understand why from the moment I entered that I was treated like a celebrity. 'Did they recognize me as a famous author and spiritualist?'  I chuckled. Although I would like to believe that was true, I doubt that anyone in that restaurant or LA knew who I was.

I wondered how this happened as the "A" list treatment continued. The reason became clear when a New York businesswoman sat beside me as we struck up a conversation and we spent an hour or so exchanging spiritual ideas and concepts.  'Ah ha,' I surmised, 'that's why you kept me here so long.' 

I may never know if that exchange was for my benefit, hers or for both of us, and it really doesn't matter. All I know was that the exchange was for the highest good of all. 

When I experience something incredible like this, I often joke saying, ‘The only thing better would be kicking back in jeans enjoying a beer with George Clooney or Matt Damon as we fish by the arch.’  Well Matt and George, I’m sorry, but even hanging with you would pale in comparison. It was an amazing experience that I'll remember for years to come.

So once again I say to you: Go with the flow and follow the direction from your guides. Remember that the universe showers you with indescribable pleasures when you believe. 

Don't be afraid to spread your love with everyone you meet.

Wishing you a day filled with love and blessings  

LeeZa Donatella

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