Of Soulmates (Poem)

I never knew what true love was,
Until your lips touched mine.

My body shivers when you touch my cheek,
And I feel at home in your embrace.

You are my morning, noon and night.
You are my daily bread, my rest, my light.

You are the one for all eternity.
You are my soulmate, my true destiny.

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Wishing that you find a love so deep and delicious,
LeeZa Donatella

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  1. hello...would like to say that the poem was really great. now a days people even dont know what the love is! they make it complicated.In my side love is to love yourself and the universe. thank you.
    Saint Kirpal Singh Successor

  2. thank you Rachael. On that note you may get a chuckle from this post

    or sigh if you read this one

    Blessings and a great day


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