Triangles and Circles and Embracing your Uniqueness

As you read the title of this article today you might be wondering what I am going to be writing about. Yes, well that makes two of us. Most days I channel my blog and I usually have an idea regarding the subject matter of the article based on the title they provide.  There are days, however, when I have no idea what that are trying to tell me. Today is one of those days as they describe to me through visuals the difference between triangular and circular shaped objects.

I continue to ask them the purpose of these cute animated queues as I see triangles stacked neatly arranged from tip to tip, fitting into neat geometric patterns and circles forming balls bouncing everywhere as well as bubbles that float weightlessly upward, iridescent and beautiful.

'So what is this supposed to mean, guys?', I ask as I throw my hands up in the air. Then in the circles they put the faces of past masters and the bulb illuminates and all of a sudden I get it. They are trying to show me a comparison of the individuals that are on this planet. And they’re telling me that some are triangles and a rare few are circles.

And in truth, most of the people on this planet easily fit into the homogenized version of a society. These individuals are what my etheric friends were referring to this afternoon as the triangles. The are what onlookers would consider normal everyday people.

And what about the circles? Well they are a different breed entirely, outside the fringe, you can say they are eclectic as they stand out in a crowd. And who would we put in this category? Well it is not the 99%, that's for sure, but if I were to go back into history I would say enlightened beings like Jesus and Buddha were certainly circles. Perhaps da Vinci, Socrates, Plato, Michelangelo, Einstein and other creative, intelligent, inspirational beings were circles.

I would like to think to some extent I am a circle, not quite blending into the crowd. Perhaps you are too! 

And if you are a circle don’t let anyone make you into a triangle. Be proud of who you are, embrace your uniqueness and don't worry that you don't fit in. Always be yourself.

Wishing you blessings from your eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella

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