Surrender and Release (Excerpt from Beyond the Veil of Illusion - The Awakening)

Below is an excerpt from my book, Beyond the Veil of Illusion - The Awakening. 

It's a poem that the main character, Mia writes at one of her darkest hours. Some of you may relate to this death as we surrender and release. Enjoy!

Death to the Old Self

I pray for light, not darkness next
I pray for angels at my rest
I pray an end to this wild ride
Please greet me on the other side
As sunlight’s warmth upon my face
I hope that you’ve saved me a space
To commune with your universal light
I pray this and more this very night
I cry, tears flowing down my face
For salvation from this very place
For I must journey once again
Oh Mother please forgive my sins
And greet me with your loving arms
I come to you; I am now calm
Exhausted I cannot journey alone
Please take my hand and guide me home

Have a day filled with love from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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