Stop Being So Serious

Do you want to know why Clooney and Damon are okay in my book? These men are incredibly successful yet they don't take themselves seriously and go out of their way to laugh at themselves.  And if George Clooney, LeeZa Donatella and Matt Damon can make fun of themselves, darling, so can you. 

I have to tell you that if the universe gave me a nickel for every person that I met that was so serious, I would never need to work, not one more day.

When I was running $25 million projects for one of the largest banks in the world, many of my fellow senior level vice presidents were so serious about everything. Living in Sedona, Arizona, many a spiritualist is so darn serious, that you would think they never laughed before. Even outside the Country far to the south I am meeting more serious people.  

I just want to say to all you guys and gals out there:  LIGHTEN UP!

So did I say that loud enough? Learn to have fun people
Believe me when I tell you that your day will be brighter, you'll feel less stress and probably live longer.  

Trust me that in the no longer, no one really cares if you are not the tallest, smartest, prettiest, thinnest, youngest, richest or best dressed. Well, at least I won't judge you, so throw your hands up in the air and do omething silly, make faces, sing loud in the street, skip to a tune in your head and above all share you love with the world.

Now what makes me tick, well here it is: 

  • How big your heart is and how do you share it with others. 
  • Are you afraid to live or do you take each breath thinking how wonderful the day is?  
  • Do you have a sense of humor and laugh at yourself and care if no one else thinks that you're funny? 

Here's a perfect example:
I had to find some background instrumental music for the ending trailer video that I had created. I found a great piece, but it was missing my personal touch: comedy and love. So, I used my laptop and put myself out there, my voice that is, with this crappy headset I found at Walmart in Mexico, laughing at myself as I shared my Love. Above is the backround music put into a quick video. Hope you enjoy it.

Just let go guys and girls and be love. And have fun with it!

Wishing you a day filled with the love and blessings, 

Leeza Donatella

PS - I LOVE questions, so please keep them coming! I answer every one and depending on the topic, add them to a question and answer section at the bottom of each article. There are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. We are all here to help each other.  Open your heart and share your question. You just may be helping another by asking it. Too shy to post a comment. That's okay, email me.

PS - Thanks Matt and George for letting me borrow some photos to prove my point.


  1. Love the fun video, Leeza! Btw, love Clooney and Damon too! :)


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