Recognizing External Spirits (Part 4)

Continuing with explaining how to recognize external spirits, let's talk about the ways in which spirit communicates.

Since I have been known to be a little dense, for spirit to communicate with me they sometimes have to be insistent.  For example, in the first few days that I was in Abadiania I was in the shower getting ready to meet some women for dinner. From my watery heaven I overheard a group talking in the courtyard behind my room. Here I was lathered up, enjoying the refreshing feeling of cool water on my body on a hot day, when I received the message to go out there and join them. When I ignored the call to duty, I practically felt a hand on my back pushing me out of the shower in an attempt to hurry me up. I call those spirits "Naggers." 

Do you ever get a nagging feeling that just does not go away? Perhaps you hear spirit as well as get the nagging feeling. It eventually becomes hard to ignore for most of us. Well, guess who's calling? Right… spirit, trying to tell you that you need to do something. 

I can be in a deep sleep and wake up with a nagging thought to do something. As much as I try to shake that thought it will not leave me until I perform the action. It can be a feeling to reach out to someone, do something, read something or go somewhere.

I remember when my dad was close to passing it was 11pm at night and I had the urge to make a pot of coffee.  I'm a 6 am riser and usually asleep by 11pm. But something was telling me, gee you really want some coffee.  About an hour or so later I got the call to go back to the hospital. Actually it was nice of spirit to not reveal the true reason for the coffee. Spirit knew I would be the one who had to handle things and that I needed to be alert.

Tune in tomorrow for the concluding article on external spirits.

Blessings from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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