Recognizing External Spirits (Part 3)

As we continue with articles on external spirits, let's talk about our spirit guides. Yes, we all have guides in spirit form that are here to assist us. Some may be past relatives in our soul family from this or another lifetime and others may be with us in an advisory capacity connected to us based on an agreement with us before we were born.

If you want answers, the first thing you need to do is ask. Ask a question in the morning and by day’s end spirit will present you with the answer, whether via a website, TV show, article, chance encounter with someone, etc. Who knows you may be reading this blog post because spirit drove you to this site based on a question you asked. 

Blessings from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

PS - I LOVE questions, so please keep them coming! I answer every one and depending on the topic, add them to a question and answer section at the bottom of each article. There are no stupid questions, just unasked ones. We are all here to help each other.  Open your heart and share your question. You just may be helping another by asking it. Too shy to post a comment. That's okay,  email me.


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