Recognizing External Spirits (Part 1)

In Yesterday's post I mentioned 1 main categories for spirits. There are 
1) the spirit or energy within, that some call connections to their higher self and 2) spirits external to ourselves. 

Today I want to start by speaking about external spirits.

Spirits that Heal
I am in Abadiania, Brazil back after a decade at the Casa de Dom Inacio in  with John of God. I have written about the healing performed by the spirits (Entities of Light) that work with John, assisting in healing.those who come here.  I have personally experienced a physical healing of bursitis in both my ankles when I was here in 2003 and the spirits are playing with my eyesight. My glasses are too strong now and I am in between. I am not complaining, mind you, grateful to be able to see my PC without the use of spectacles for the first time in 3 decades. 

The sight improvement was not something I asked for since there are plenty of people out there that have grave illnesses, like cancer, but when I sat in meditation in the "current" room and felt the spirits gently scraping my eyes, I knew that I was being worked on. 

As I write this a small tear forms int he corner of my eye as I know how blessed I am to have the gift of sight at all. 

Blessings from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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