Recognizing External Spirits (Conclusion)

In my last article on recognizing external spirits let me explain a spirit intercession.

We all have examples of how spirit intercedes to assist us. I have many examples, but here is one I remember vividly when I was working on a temporary engagement and spent a lunch time at an overdue eye doctor appointment. Coming back from the appointment, I was running late and put peddle to metal in the left lane riding close to the tail end of a white SUV with an interesting pictorial display on its back hatch. Because I am in tune, I usually sense when there are police around, but for some reason today I did not see the officer parked in plain sight on the left side of the road under the overpass. 

He pulled me over and asked me, “Didn’t you see me?” 
"No," I sheepishly admitted, but after a few minute chat with him somehow only received a warning citation for less than 10 miles over instead of the hefty ticket based on my actual 25+ miles over speed that I was driving.

I pulled away and was stopped about 5 minutes down the road in bumper to bumper traffic. 'Could this delay get any worse,'  I thought. As I inched forward I could see that there was an accident and as always I said a prayer for those involved in the crash. As the cars involved in the crash came into sight there it was, that same white SUV with the pictorial display on its back hatch that I was driving behind, now mangled along with several other cars. I looked up and said thank you to spirit.

Right. I was not supposed to be in that accident, so spirit interceded.

Blessings from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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  1. Leeza, that’s an amazing example of spirit intercession!

    Question: What about times when you feel a sense of dread or an uneasy feeling that something bad is going to happen? Is that spirit intervention or just a sixth sense? That’s happened to me a few times in my life. Just 2 examples: 1) When I was 10, one day I felt an awful sense of dread, a heavy feeling, after leaving the bedroom I shared with my sisters. That night, a fire broke out in that bedroom. No one was hurt but it did considerable damage to our house (it was an electrical fire caused by a faulty space heater). I later thought, wow, I knew all that day something was going to happen in that room. 2) When I was 19, while walking home from work one day, I had an awful feeling of dread, and I was assaulted that night (by a stranger with a hammer), knocked unconscious. In both cases, I had the heavy feeling before the event, but there was no way to know what would happen and no way to stop it. And those are just two examples. If this was spirit intervention, maybe I missed something? Or is it more along the lines of a sixth sense? Thanks!


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