Past Live Stones

I believe that you incarnate on Earth more times than you can you can count on a dozen people’s hands and perhaps more than a dozen times a dozen, if not even more than that. With every lifetime, we get a little wiser and a little more spiritually aware as we add experiences to the already pure love that we are.

I liken it to school, with being in kindergarten as the first time we’re here, and eventually gaining graduate degrees before we no longer require lifetimes on Earth.   

But here’s the rub; when we come here, we soon forget our prior experiences, with some spending most of the current lifetime getting back to the place they were when they left the last time. I often wonder about that and initially considered it extremely inefficient.

Or is it by design that we come to Earth each lifetime with all the information we need and soon allow ourselves to be influenced by the fears of others and get distracted by emotional experiences and forget that we are pure love? Is that a main piece of the puzzle of our experience here?

I don’t think that it’s all as bad as some would like you to think. I also believe that we have the ability to take what I call accelerated testing, and skip many years of lower vibrational situations each lifetime and as we evolve we get better at those tests.

And a bonus: When you get to a certain number of Earthly lifetimes, you get smarter about leaving yourself queues in order to help you regain your last place. Let’s call them bookmarks.

Many of you have heard of Crystal Skulls. Well, my friends Jaap and Jeannie may agree that these amazing creations hold information within their energetic field. 

Now imagine if you were smart enough to infuse your information into something in one lifetime to access in a future version of yourself?

Sounding more like a science fiction movie by the minute?

Yes, so did the Jetson’s when it first aired in the early 1960s and yet many of the technical wonders, like CD’s, videos, flat screen TVs, cell phones, microwaves, a Roomba-like hoover vacuum that needs no human intervention, microwave ovens, robots and nanotechnology in use today that were not even conceptual ideas when the show aired.

Okay, so back to this out-of-this-world crystal or stone. If they exist then only you have the frequency to unlock it. In technological terms, I would compare it to a thumb drive with a password.  The only difference is that the encryption is so good, absolutely no hacker can get to it!

And there’s only 1 crystal or stone on this whole planet for 1 person.

And here’s the best part. If anyone were to pick up this stone or crystal, well, they may say that it looks pretty, but other than that, feel nothing. To you, however, even from across the room, the energy from this object is so intense, that no lead lining will shield you from its effect. Wow, superman.  

And when you hold it in your hand, information and answers from lifetimes floods into your gray matter until the download is complete. Then you know.... that's all I am going to say.

Now here’s the challenge. Even if you were smart enough to create one for yourself, first you have to know it exists, and second, you have to seek it out.

That’s where I come in. No, I don't have a stockpile of crystals and stones to sell you. I'm just a provider of information. If by some stroke of synchronicity you found this article, there’s a good chance you used an ancient technology many lifetimes ago, imprinting and infusing your energy and information into an object like I've described. 

Yes, my dear, they do exist. Part one of the challenge has now been verified for youNow it's up to you to determine if you believe the information I have provided to you. If so, will you take the next step and ask your spirit guides to help you find yours?

Have a day filled with love and new self discovery from your eat pray love girl,

LeeZa Donatella

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