Noticing Your Reaction Time

Are you a firecracker when it comes to the time it takes for you to react to a situation? Do you quickly jump when something unpleasant is presented or take time to think about the information provided before you go off down this or that road?

Unfortunately for me, I'm still more of a reactor, not taking enough time to think through and process before I make a move or decision. As I write this I scringe thinking about some of the decisions I have made on a whim over the years.  It got me thinking about why they were made. Did I make them just so I didn't have to deal with the situation?  Did I make them because of some old patterning that I owned decades ago? This is something that requires some introspective, I thought, as I put fingers to keyboard and scribble down today's post. 

Maybe you;re like me, as you make the decision to quickly walk away from the unpleasant instead of facing it and speaking your mind. Although I am getting better at it, I don't think it's the best way to handle things. 

If you have done the same, don't beat yourself up, but try to identify the root cause of the issue. That is the key to knowing how to adjust that behaviour. Notice the sensations in your body when you begin to react and breathe.

Blessings and love, 

LeeZa Donatella

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