Love life!

I had to do some updating of my pictures on the web today and as I was replacing a profile picture, I picked one where a friend had snapped a photo on the sly while I was meditating off the side of the mountain. It has become one of my favorite photos, not because I think I look glamorous. As a matter of fact that day I was wearing my camping pants, my hair was a mess and that angle certainly didn’t make me look thin.  Normally I would have never posed for a shot looking like that but my sneaky friend finished her mediation early and took that opportunity to capture me at my best. That’s right my best, in a state of bliss and harmony doing what I truly enjoy.

It took me years to realize that my outward body was a mere container and it is what’s on the inside that matters. And enriching that inside is paramount to living a happy and healthy life.  For me it’s those times when I can be outside, paying homage to nature and honoring myself.

I also cherish sharing time in nature with my friends even while taking those precious moments to commune with the divine mother.  

I meet so many people, afraid of life. Some even view this incredible Earthly existence as hell. Wow! I shake my head when I think of those poor souls. What is there to be afraid of? Fear is only in your mind. At some point in life you have to believe in something. I choose to believe in myself. And I believe in you.

So don’t be afraid, darling and let’s all experience the journey together. Take time to explore this beautiful planet, Bohemian style. That’s right all you need in your head is the dream of where you want to go. Then just throw a few things in a backpack and leave out anything that you are worried about getting dirty or wrinkled. No fancy hotels, stay in small 2 star accommodations or sleep in a hammock as you stretch yourself. Just bring a guide book and have accommodations for 1 night in the first destination. Let the universe be your travel guide as you take local transportation and allow the journey to unfold naturally.  You’ll amaze yourself at your courage, sense of adventure and will have the time of your life. Who knows, it may totally awaken that god or goddess within.
If you are saying to yourself, wait, this chick is a hippie, so she is used to this lifestyle. Oh wait just one minute there buddy. This spiritualist used to be a senior level Tech VP, so I know what its like to have stayed at the Ritz. But I gave it all up and am so much happier in a hammock by a stream as I smile, sigh and enjoy my life!

Blessings from the middle of nowhere Brazil,
LeeZa Donatella

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