Love Is

What is Love, How to love yourself
As I lay here after meditation, I started thinking about love.

I asked myself this very important question; what is love? My eyes moved left then right as I pondered this hypothesis, contemplating a response. Do I really know what love is, or am I part of the countless others that only thinks that they know.

Here in the small spiritual town that I am visiting in the middle of nowhere Brazil, I see people seeking answers to love. They run around the town rescuing every stray dog and cat that they can find. I think they are seeking love, because there only here a couple weeks, yet these creatures have stolen their hearts. I think they are on the right track though, because animals provide us with unconditional love. And although they are finding it through an interaction with a helpless creature, it’s a start. I look at them with empathy when I see their hearts breaking as their tears flow when they have to leave their new found love as they exit the country, but that's part of the lesson here in Abadi├ónia; going through a deep love and a deep loss over the two week period most people visit. It’s a growth spurt as they ready themselves for an even more fulfilling love affair; it's the unconditional love affair of self. And when achieved we move forward, glowing as we walk down the street, exuding an intoxicating fragrance that infiltrates the nostrils of every passerby, as our smile sends goose bumps down the spines of those we glance at.

It's when you love yourself that all avenues of love open up to you. My goodness, it’s like having a coupon for million dollar shopping spree at the Mall shopping at Tiffany’s, Norstrom’s and Neiman Marcus.

And when the timing is right you’ll meet you very own Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt or George Clooney and replay a romantic scene from the Notebook.

So if you were searching the internet for the definition of love or some quick fix 10 step program and stumbled across this particular article, well darling,  I think it means that you still need to do a little work in the self-love area.

Wishing you a delicious love of self from your eat pray love girl,
LeeZa Donatella

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